Program Director / Program Manager

Overall planning, monitoring and internal evaluation of the project “ Fair Trade and Organic Farming in India”. PM will report to Chairman, Board of AOFG India. PM will prepare project documents and business plans for fundraising to expand the project in the interest and benefit of small and marginal farmers as per the policy of AOFG India.

Project and Program
  1. Preparation of annual plan. Support CEO and Director AOFG India for policy formulation.
  2. Preparation of budget plan and fund raising.
  3. Institutional relationship and linkages.
  4. Plan monitoring and review.
  5. Internal evaluation.
  6. Prepare and submit all queries of the funding agencies after cross checking with the finance section.
  7. Prepare briefing documents, annual reports, handouts and leaflets etc.


Human Resource Management

  1. Staff recruitment rules and amendments
  2. Staff planning and staff selection
  3. Performance appraisal and staff welfare measures
  4. Administrative and functional support to project staff members
  5. Prepare the plan for in-service training to staff members
  6. Self Evaluation of performance in every six months of all program and project staff members will be collected, analyzed and submitted with notes to the Steering Committee by PM. In the case of Regions it will be carried out by RM and submitted to PM. The Program and administrative head of the project office and Regions is PM. The Administrative and Finance Officer of the project will work in full co-ordination under the PM

Together with field staff of our affiliated NGO, AOFG-India, the GM will develop production and harvesting programs, which will smoothen the operation of the business unit’s transactions with the farmers. Aside from that the GM will also be provided with the needed staff under his direct supervision, to effectively manage his work.

The current processing facility is a pilot for the Zameen company. Once the business unit has been streamlined, the GM will have the freedom to develop up-scaling plans, as the potential for coffee production is overwhelming. Planning for diversification of the business unit is also essential. Aside from coffee our farmers also produce various spices. Product development is high on the list of priorities for Zameen Organic, and therefore feasibility studies will need to be made to find other ventures for the region with high potential.

In terms of marketing, the main outlets will be created through Zameen International, based in the Netherlands. Concerning the domestic Indian market, the regional manager will have freedom to explore the opportunities there.


Program support

  1. Assist and coordinate the program at the project office, regional offices and farmers associations/ trusts,  prepare project implementation plan and budget quarterly, half yearly and annually and get it approved from the competent authority.
  2. Prepare regular and occasional presentation of the project to the steering committee and others deemed necessary and useful.
  3. Assist the selection of advisors and consultants as per the need of the sectional officers and regional managers.
  4. Coordinate the regional activities and guide them to build up plans, set targets for program implementation, ensure these targets are met and assist in building up local linkages
  5. Build up innovative actions, linkages, and documentation to supplement the project activities
  6. Assist the preparation of business plan and investment plan with the steering committee.
  7. Assist the smooth linked works of farmer associations, trusts and Zameen Organic Pvt. Ltd.
  8. Assist the regional managers to link up with professional institutions, extension agencies and HRD institutions.
  9. Support and guide the building of farmers organizations, farmer trusts, value addition centers, business linkages of farmer organizations, tax structure and government rules and regulations
  10. Support Training Coordinator in making the annual training program plan, coordinate and assist the training and extension plan on crops and link up extension services with ATMA, institutions, scientists and professionals.
  11. Ensure that technically sound extension, certification and crop production meets the requirements of the farmers, the market and Zameen Organic in particular.
  12. Coordinate the documentation, data management, fair trade certification, organic certification, ICS, quality control etc.
  13. Coordination of logistic and commerce related works with General Managers and Zameen Company executives.
  14. Check up the regional, monthly/quarterly/half yearly plan and budget as well as sectional plan and budget of the project office/ officers and farmer associations/ trusts and related establishment of the project approve the same in accordance with the project implementation plan.
  15. Issue sanction orders, check and review the reports and initiate appropriate actions as per the project targets under the implementation plan.    
  16. PM will jointly plan with CEO, GMs, RMs and Project Finance Officer on crop procurement fund and its utilization.

Be an ambassador for the cause of small, marginal and landless resource poor farmers in India.

Ensure the preparation of self performance appraisal and review the of the performance appraisal of technical capacity assessment, needs and progress of field in every six months and submit the same to AOFG Chairman.

If you are interested, please send a letter of motivation and curriculum vitae by e-mail: or with reference to the job opening
OR via post at:

AOFG India
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