OD & ID Advisor

The OD&ID Advisor will plan and prepare suitable and functional training program for staff members, farmer associations, groups and farmer functionaries. Suitable linkages will be developed at national, state and regional level to draw technical and institutional support, consultancy, advisory, documents and training materials. OD&ID Advisor will develop handouts, leaflets and other training materials in local and appropriate languages to benefit the institution and organization building under the project for effective program implementation.

OD&ID Advisor will assist the Regional and General Mangers in the formation of State level farmers trusts, cluster committees and farmer groups, government rules and regulations and capacity building of members and leaders. Functional manuals of farmers organizations will be prepared by OD&ID Advisor.


  1. Need assessment and capacity assessment of OD & ID training and annual  planning, budgeting will be made as per the project needs to empower the farmers, associations, organizations and trusts.
  2. Collection and compilation of training materials and manuals for use at training sessions.
  3. Prepare training materials, modules and aids as per requirement of trust, associations, cluster committees and groups.
  4. Prepare working manuals, bye-laws, deeds, and other legal documents which can be used by the farmer associations/organizations/trusts.
  5. Prepare quarterly, half yearly and annual training plan, budgets at project level and farmer association levels.


Training management and funds

  1. Build up linkage with of resource persons, resource institutions and agencies and prepare a list for ready reference at the office and take appropriate actions of joint actions in consultation and approval from PM.
  2. Keep close linkages with social scientists, professionals, institutions, training agencies such as NIRD, IIM, ATMA, MANAGE, ICAR, CSIR, NGOs, and Universities. Link up social scientists, professionals and institutions with GMs, RMs and Farmer Organization officials.
  3. Prepare technical and managerial training plan for farmer leaders in organization, management, planning, finance, company affairs and credit flow & marketing Quarterly, half yearly and annual plans with budget requisition and approval from PD. Compile and document the Traditional Knowledge
  4. Conduct fund raising activities and association of professional resource persons.
  5. Training plan and modules may be focused on organization management in which the executive farmer members and members eventually own up the project, take active participation in Zameen Company matters and share purchase.
  6. Support PD and Steering Committee for policy formulation.
  7. Prepare regular reports, monitoring, review and evaluation of training and submit the same to PD with need of re-fresher programs.
  8. Assist the Regional Managers to conduct independent technical training programs for farmer organizations. Approve the training plan and budget prepared by the regional managers.


Ensure the preparation of self performance appraisal and review of the performance appraisal of State and regional level farmer organizations in every six months and submit the same to PD.


If you are interested, please send a letter of motivation and curriculum vitae by e-mail: info@zameen.org with reference to the job opening