General Manager Zameen Kerala Farmersí Trust

For managing the operations of its coffee and spices division, Zameen Organic Pvt. Ltd. is looking for a General Manager in Kerala.

Zameen Organic Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian registered farmer owned company, with its central office in Hyderabad. Zameen has the sole purpose of setting up profitable supply chains to add value to the products of its current producer base of 20.000 small and marginalized Indian farmers. Zameen searches for market access mainly in Europe and the United States through its marketing hub in the Netherlands, but is also on the look out to take up a strategic position in Indiaís burgeoning retail market. Our founding principles rest on Fair-Trade and we work on converting farm production to organic standards as well. Our strategy is to forge long term partnerships with our buyers, so that together we can engage in product development and become market leaders in our field, marked by outstanding innovative products and production methods.


The Job
Zameen is active in a multiplicity of supply chains with farmers in many different regions of India and clients in Europe and the United States. In the Southern state of Kerala, Zameen currently work with a group of 1.500 farmers. Zameen fully owns a coffee processing facility in Adimaly, with the capacity of pulping 1.700 tons of coffee per year. The GM will manage this business unit from Cochin, as chairman of the unitís governing body, the Zameen Kerala Farmersí Trust. His or her objectives will be to start-up the first year of production in November of this year, and rapidly turn the business unit into a profitable operation.

Together with field staff of our affiliated NGO, AOFG-India, the GM will develop production and harvesting programs, which will smoothen the operation of the business unitís transactions with the farmers. Aside from that the GM will also be provided with the needed staff under his direct supervision, to effectively manage his work.

The current processing facility is a pilot for the Zameen company. Once the business unit has been streamlined, the GM will have the freedom to develop up-scaling plans, as the potential for coffee production is overwhelming. Planning for diversification of the business unit is also essential. Aside from coffee our farmers also produce various spices. Product development is high on the list of priorities for Zameen Organic, and therefore feasibility studies will need to be made to find other ventures for the region with high potential.

In terms of marketing, the main outlets will be created through Zameen International, based in the Netherlands. Concerning the domestic Indian market, the regional manager will have freedom to explore the opportunities there.


The Profile
Academic degree in agribusiness management (MBA), with experience in food processing management and working knowledge on supply chain management. For product and operations development, a fresh entrepreneurial mind is required, and an attitude to never give up. For consolidation of the efforts in current operations, leadership, strong analytical skills, visionary teambuilding, and an instinct for efficiency gains are a must. Lastly we demand full proficiency in English in combination with excellent communication and presentation skills.


The Remuneration
We expect to get the best, so we need to pay the best. Salary is negotiable, but upfront we can say that it will meet the standards for this challenging job. Furthermore Zameen will provide for training opportunities where needed. Zameen Organic is an equal opportunity employer in the broadest sense, and so considers any suitable application.

If you are interested, please send a letter of motivation and curriculum vitae by e-mail: with reference to the job opening