Financial Controller

For coordinating finance, cashflow, salary payments and executing business plans, Zameen Organic Pvt. Ltd is looking for a Financial Controller.

Zameen Organic Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian registered company, with its central office in Hyderabad. Zameen has the sole purpose of setting up profitable supply chains to add value to the products of its current producer base of 20.000 small and marginalized Indian farmers. Zameen searches for market access mainly in Europe and the United States through its marketing hub in the Netherlands, but is also on the look out to take up a strategic position in India’s burgeoning retail market. Our founding principles rest on Fair-Trade and we work on converting farm production to organic standards as well. Our strategy is to forge long term partnerships with our buyers, so that together we can engage in product development and become market leaders in our field, marked by outstanding innovative products and production methods.


The Job
Zameen is active in a multiplicity of supply chains with farmers in many different regions of India and clients in Europe and the United States. We are continuously looking for additional finance to fund expansion of these activities. The Financial Controller’s main responsibility will be to develop a network with national and international donor and financing agencies that can provide assistance and credit.
The Financial Controller will also coordinate the commodity fund that Zameen controls to pre-finance the purchases and processing of our farmers’ crops. This work includes optimal utilization of the available funds, i.e. cash flow optimization, balance of payments, financial policies, and streamlining the administrative procedures for purchase and sales.
Furthermore the Financial Controller will have the responsibility of working out the finance for challenging new business ventures Zameen is going to start, relating to its strategy of product development with long term partners.
Lastly, Zameen will in due time be converted to a farmer owned and controlled organization. The Financial Controller will be amongst the key planners in setting up this conversion by creating a share-issuing scheme in which our farmers can take part, eventually giving them majority share in the firm and effectuating profit sharing.
The Financial Controller will be stationed in Hyderabad, supported by accounting and database management staff. The offices in The Netherlands will be at his/her disposal for assisting in attracting the necessary funding, for Zameen’s investment plans. Part of the job requirements consist of travel to the various state level offices in India which are headed by Zameen’s General Managers for planning purposes. Availability for international travel is also required.


The Profile
Academic degree in finance, preferably in the field of agribusiness, and a young creative entrepreneurial mindset with leadership attitude. Also a specialization as company secretary is needed, as required by Indian Law. Experience in agri processing sector is a big plus. Excellent communication and presentation skills in English and Hindi required; Telugu and Malayalam are optional. Zameen Organic is an equal opportunity employer in the broadest sense, so considers any suitable application.


The Remuneration
Salary is negotiable based on level of aptness and contribution to the team. Additional incentive bonuses and participation in the company are part of the package, and professional trainings are provided if needed.

If you are interested, please send a letter of motivation and curriculum vitae to Gijs Spoor by e-mail: gijs@zameen.orgwith reference to the job opening